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Davenport, WA is a wonderful close knit community, a great place to own a business, retire, or raise a family. A quiet, friendly town that prides itself on being a safe place to live. Davenport is the heart of the wheat country in Eastern Washington. It is the county seat of Lincoln County, and is the world's second largest wheat producing county. Davenport is located at the junction of US Route 2 and State Route 25 and 28. It is known as "The Gateway to the Lake Roosevelt Recreation Area". Just 36 miles west of Spokane, Washington, it is close enough to the big city but also far enough away. Davenport is home to over 1700 friendly folks who welcome newcomers and tourists alike.

A little History......

Surrounded by picturesque wheat fields the community of Davenport dates back to about 1880, when a man named Harker homesteaded at the head of the Cottonwood Creek. The next year, in July 1881, John H. Nicholls and his wife Emma established the first permanent dwelling in what is now the City of Davenport. Mr. Nicholls built a structure that served as a store, hotel, post office and dwelling. Then in 1882, John C. Davenport started a rival town on higher ground to the south located on Main Street. Responsible for having the original Town of Davenport platted, he purchased a quarter section of railroad land, starting his own town consisting of a store, warehouse, saloon, blacksmith shop and dwell­ing. This settlement was of short duration, however, falling vic­tim to fire in less than a year.
The town below the hill continued to thrive, however. The 1880s was a time of much building and growing for the young community. The organization of Lincoln County oc­curred in November 1883 and Davenport eventually won the election for county seat.

The Present......

Today, Lincoln County’s population is around 10,000 and Davenport boasts the largest share of that, with over 1,750. A variety of services for visitors are available here, including restaurants, churches, city park, RV facilities, motels, a hospital and clinic, public library, grocery stores, and much more. Like many small, rural towns, Davenport is aggressively working to­ward building its business community and improving facilities and recreation. Promoted by an active Chamber of Commerce, the city hopes to draw in new businesses and new residents by providing some of the more desirable aspects of a place to live; clean air, less traffic and crowding, affordable housing and utili­ties, and excellent medical and educational facilities. An advantage of Davenport is its close proximity to the metropolis of Spokane, just 36 miles to the east. In addition, the town’s easy access to nearby recreational facilities, including Lake Roosevelt and Fort Spokane, makes it attractive to tour­ists.

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